Downtown St Petesburg, 33701

Origin BP Gas Station

About the Facility

The BP Gas Station is open from 6 AM till 11 pm every day of the year. A very clean and well kept establishment. Located at 2731 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704.

The number to the gas station is (727) 289-4084. Please don’t ask them questions about the scooters. The number is provided if you want to know if they have a product or something like that.

You can get a hot breakfast sandwiches (eggs in an English Muffin), hot sandwiches – Cuban pressed – not microwaved, hotdogs, chips, trail mix, candy, and other snacks. Bottled water and all manor of drinks are also available. Please don’t buy any beer before your ride, wait until you come back.

It is a laid back atmosphere with cool music playing most of the time. If you forgot something from home or your hotel, then you can probably buy it here.

There is a picnic table out front and a yard with lots of shade in the back to chill out and smoke a cig or just hang out before or after your ride.

About the owners

It seems like this would be a big corporation business, but at the end of the day, it is owned and managed by a guy name Dave and his wife, Julie. There son also works a shift. So it is more of a family owned business. Dave and Julie just have the one station so they are small business owners. They have made it a point to provide a very easy going environment.

I was in there a few years back and it was not nearly as nice – kind of dumpy. Dave and Julie have worked hard to clean it up. The only bad reviews they have are from the previous owners.

Let us know if you don’t see something you want. It may be there the next time you go there.


If you want to park your car there, please make a few dollars worth of purchases. If you need gas, or some food or drink, this is a great place to get it. Otherwise, please park your car on 28th Ave North. It is ok to park your car on 28 Ave North for 3 days or more. Parking is always available within a few feet of the parking lot.

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