Downtown St Petesburg, 33701

Mobility Scooters

In response to receiving calls each month for mobility scooters, Beach to Bay Scooters now has Mobility Scooters available.  The mobility scooters allow folks to experience the beautiful Waterfront Park System.  Unlike regular scooters, mobility scooters can be driven on sidewalks.  Therefore, you can ride them all over downtown; if you are downtown we recommend that you Google the Murals of Downtown St Petersburg and select a few murals that you like and have your picture taken with you on your scooter with the mural in the background.  You can also take the mobility scooter inside the Al Lang Stadium and the Tropicana Field for those of you who are sports fans.

Mobility Scooters now available
Rent your mobility scooters now. 727-242-0220


The mobility scooters are electrical, not gas, powered.  They can go 15 to 20 miles before they need to be recharged by using a normal outlet (110 volt) so they can be recharged just about anywhere.  They have a gauge so you can determine how much more you can ride before you need a recharge.  They go around 5 miles per hour, or a little faster than most people can walk.

Other great places to ride the mobility scooters are Mirror Lake, Round Lake, and Crescent Lake.  Since you can ride on the sidewalks, you will be able to ride completely around these special bodies of water; something you cannot do on regular scooters.

Snell Isle is also highly recommended for these vehicles.  This is a beautiful and safe place to take them, very scenic.  Snell Isle is also conveniently located close to downtown and is easily accessible by the Waterfront Park System.  The historic neighborhood has hundreds of miles of well maintained sidewalks.