Downtown St Petesburg, 33701

Rentals for Scooters, Watercraft, and Bicycles available in the Downtown St Petersburg and Treasure Island Areas

We are open every day including holidays – 8 am to 8 pm.

Scooter Rental Prices:

  •  1 hour = $30
  • 2 hours = $45
  • 4 hours = $60
  • 8 hours = $75
  • 24 hours = $100
  • 48 hours = $150, $25 per day after
  • 1 week = $250, $150 each additional week

**Riders must have a drivers license to drive a scooter in Florida

**Riders must be 18 or older to drive unless accompanied by parent

**Riders and passengers must sign a contract

Call 727-242-0220 for an appointment

***** New Product *********

150cc Scooters – Need Current Motorcycle Endorsement/License 

  • Incredible Acceleration
  • 15 MPH more top speed
  • Max Weight 450, 100 lbs more than 50cc

New Product Line Promotion – Same Prices as 50cc Scooters

  •  1 hour = $30
  • 2 hours = $45
  • 4 hours = $60
  • 8 hours = $75
  • 24 hours = $100
  • 48 hours = $150, $25 per day after
  • 1 week = $250, $150 each additional week

Call 727-242-0220 for an appointment

IMPORTANT: Cancellation Policy For Online Scooter Reservations

Please forgive us for the next few paragraphs on cancellations, but sadly experience has shown us that these words are necessary.  It turns out common sense and courtesy are a struggle for some folks.

Reservations are a two way street.  You are purchasing something in the future to guarantee you will have on the day and time of your choosing.  This is the advantage.  However, there is a downside in that if you cannot make the appointment, then you do not get your money back.  This is the disadvantage of the reservation.

If you make a scooter reservation online and need to cancel 24 hours before the time of the reservation, we will only guarantee a credit towards a future rental.  Good for lifetime.  We will not refund your money.  If you need to cancel within 24 hours of the appointment time, then it is up to the discretion of Beach To Bay Scooters, not you, as to whether or not we extend a credit for future reservation.  It is almost always ok to adjust the time for a reservation, but not always.  You have to call to have the time adjusted to make sure there are no conflicts with other customers.

If this sounds unreasonable than give us a call and we can have an informal appointment with no guarantees.  Not a problem, this is a common way rent scooters.

If you need to cancel a reservation, call 727-242-0220.  If it is within the 24-hours of the reservation, it is not guaranteed, but may be possible to get a full or partial credit towards a future reservation.

You cannot cancel due to a weather forecast.  During the summer the chance of rain is over 60% for weeks at a time.  There are also many days where the chance of rain is even 100%.  It is not common for it to rain all day.  Most days that it rains, it is for an hour or less.  This is why we don’t allow cancellations due to a forecast.

If it is actually raining at the time of your appointment, then you can cancel/reschedule your reservation by calling 727-242-0220.  This does not mean you get a cash refund.  It means you get to apply the full dollar amount towards a future rental.  Usually customers choose to adjust the time by a few hours or a day, but it has also been delayed for months or even a year.  If it rains while you are riding the scooters, give us a call and we will allow you to extend your time at no extra cost to you.  We prefer our riders to seek shelter until the weather clears.

If you have questions or want to get some reassurances on cancelling, then please call us at 727-242-0220.

If the time of your reservation has passed, and for some reason you did not make the appointment time, call us anyway.  We may be able to work something out.  We are not difficult and we will still work to accommodate you.

We are not a restaurant so if this policy for cancellations seems unreasonable to you we urge you to not make a reservation.  Simply call us and we can have an informal arrangement.  No guarantees from either side.

Scooter Rentals
50cc Wolf Scooters

hour/24 hour

Meet at the Park
See Details/Other Pricinghref=
Top Speeds 36 to 45 mph
Different Sizes, Styles, and Colors
$100 for 24 hour rent
Bundle w/ bikes or watercraft and explore everywhere!
Valid Drivers license required
Max Capacity is 350 lbs
Wave Runner Rentals
Yamaha VX110

per hour

Delivery Available
(See Details/Other Pricing)WaveRunner Medium
Top Speeds 38 to 45 mph
Best way to explore the coastline
Delivered to boat ramp of your choice
Bundle with bikes, scooters, kayaks, or paddleboards
Max Capacity 400 lbs
Life-jackets provided
Mountain Bike Rentals
Nashbar AT1-29er Mountain Bike

hour/24 hours

Meet at the Park
See Details/Other Pricing Younlings on bikes - Medium3
Top Speed? How fast can you pedal?
29 inch wheels
Shimano gears, kickstands and locks
Miles of paved waterfront parks from Coffee Pot Park to Harborage Marina
 Great for riding Downtown
Ride Pinellas Bike and Skyway Trails

PowerBoats, WaveRunners, Kayaks & PaddleBoards available at the Harborage Marina

PowerBoat Rentals
Variety to choose from

per hour

Not Available for Delivery, Special Pricing,Harborage Marina Only NauticStar 203 Medium3
Top Speed 35 mph 
Max Capacity 1550 lbs, great for groups of people – Seat 6+ adults
Explore the coast and gulf
Bundle Scooters or Bikes
Life-jackets provided
Kayak & Canoe Rentals
Singles or Tandem

hour/6 hours

Not Available for Delivery, Special Pricing,Harborage Marina OnlyFishing Kayak medium3
 Great for fishing!
Enjoy calm and glass like waters, perfect for kayaking 
Light, durable, and stable
Many styles, both open and closed 
Life-jackets and paddles included 
Paddle Board Rentals
Several Varieties

hour/6 hours

Not Available for Delivery, Special Pricing, Harborage Marina Only PaddleBoards two ladies2
Have a great time while exercising too!
A peaceful and inexpensive way to explore the Bay
 Ease up on Dolphin and Manatee
  Check out the St Petersburg Pier
Life-jackets and paddles included