Downtown St Petesburg, 33701

The Cops

The St Petersburg police are way above the national average in terms of getting along with its citizens.  The police around here are for the most part easy going folks that are not looking to give anyone a hard time.  In fact, most of the St Pete cops are looking to give most anyone a break.  If they pull you over, you still have an good chance of driving away with a simple warning.  Many times it seems that the cops are looking for a reason to give you a break and let you off, you just have to help them along.

Beach to Bay Scooters strongly recommends that if you do get pulled over, you listen carefully, “Yes Sir” your ass off, and don’t argue or justify your behavior.  If the cops feel like you don’t understand why they have pulled you over, then they most likely tend to prove their point in the form of a ticket.  So make it easy for them to give you a break!

Cops Bike
Sweet Cop Bike!  St Petersburg police motorcycles that go fast like this one. 



Wow! A lot of cops on bikes in one place.