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Children’s Bikes & Adult Mountain Bikes

Sorry, we do not deliver, you must pick up the bikes.  Please call to make a reservation.


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For each bike:

  • $5 for 1 Hour
  • $25 for 24-hour Day
  • $85 for 1 week



There are many places to go biking in the Downtown St Petersburg Area.  Of course there are many restaurants in downtown.  For outdoor dining in all seasons there are many popular places on Beach Drive which runs parallel to the Bay waterfront park system and Central which is perpendicular to the Bay and goes from the Bay to the Gulf Beaches.

Murals of Downtown St Petersburg

There are hundreds of murals on the sides and backs of buildings.   We recommend Googling St Petersburg Murals and getting a Map on your smart phone.  Remember that if you go to an address, the Mural may be located in the alley behind the building.  Great for your selfie collection!

The Pier

In pretty much the center of the park system is the Pier, which is currently an exercise in the imagination since it has been torn down and is in the process of being rebuilt. However, it is only in this condition maybe 4 years in the last 100 or more years. Normally there is a structure there. For the history see this link. You now have a once in the lifetime chance to take a picture of ‘Nothing’. Consider it the Before, and the After is when you come back to St Petersburg and take a picture of the $80 million they are planning to build in 2018. There is Spa Beach Park and the St. Petersburg Museum of History which is worth it if you have the time.

Spa Beach to Airport
Spa Beach and Pier, Airport and Harborage Marina


Demens Landing Park

After the Pier, if you continue south along the bike trail the route will take you to South Straub Park, over a tiny bridge going east is Demens Landing Park (worth the detour), MacAfee Theater, and the Dali Museum are good places to cruise around and get pictures of each. Opposite the Dali is an one of the oldest airports in America, Albert Witted Airport, which boast of having the first commercial flight the world. Jan 1st, 1914.  (Read More)

Take advantage of being on bikes and take 1st street south till it dead ends at the water.  Ride through the USF college campus to get the to the water down to the Harborage Marina.  This is the end of the 8-mile ride.

Lassing Park

If you have the energy to keep going check out Lassing Park in Old Southeast which is on the Bay. If you do go to Lassing Park then you must (it’s a law) checkout Driftwood Estates which is a few supercool streets that have almost 100% oak tree canopy which is great shade for bikes.

The neighbor made national news when a Monkey Escaped from somewhere in Tarpon Springs and travelled south 40 miles to eventually settle in Driftwood Estates during a year or more. He cohabitated with the residents there for years until one of the residents suffered a bit while trying to feed a wide animal. For reasons unknown, they removed the monkey and not the resident. 😊


Nashbar AT-1 29er 4 Small


Dog on bike
Hippie on a bike!