Downtown St Petesburg, 33701

Meeting Place #1 – Downtown St Petersburg

This is not a scooter shop, but a meeting place to get comfortable on the scooters without worrying about traffic.

The best place for us is to meet folks down at the BP Gas Station at 2731 4th Street North, St Petersburg FL 33701.

So this is not a scooter shop, but a meeting place.  Please call and make an appointment.

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The scooters will be behind the building, on the 28th Ave side.

a picture of the BP Gas Station where I meet folks

The BP Station is just a few blocks away from Coffee Pot Park, which marks the norther tip of a 7 mile park system along the Bay that winds around the Vinoy and into Downtown St Petersburg, past the Dali Museum to the Harborage Marina.

So if you go down 28th Ave North for 3 blocks, you will reach Coffee Pot Bayou which is a body of water that leads to Tampa Bay, on your left will be Coffee Pot Park, on your right will be the rest of the seven mile park system.  If you go right and follow Coffee Pot Blvd, there will be a bridge on your left to get to Snell Isle.

Snell Isle is by far the best scootering in all of Pinellas County, beaches included.  It is strongly recommended that you go directly to Snell Isle if you are new to scooters.  Not only is this area very scenic, it is even more safe.  No one is in a hurry on those roads so it is easy to do a mind meld with scooter and become one with your machine.

Sawgrass Park and Weeden Island Preserve are two other popular destinations.  Surprisingly, the beaches/Gulf Blvd is not even in the top five favorites for scooter riders.  The scooters are great for going to the beaches and parking and going out to the beach.

However, you really can’t see the beach from the road, just lots of hotels, parking lots, and other businesses.  Pedestrians tend to walk across most any part of Gulf Blvd causing cars to stop suddenly.  This means that you will have to be looking at the car in front of you.  There is also a lot of stop and go traffic.  The beach is not bad, is it just not the best place to take the scooters.